Suzuki Products

We understand what it means to be customer friendly. Suzuki has been supplying innovative and exciting products for many years. Whitehouse Motorcycles want to ensure that you get to enjoy our lifestyle products even sooner.

Road Bikes

Experience a breathtaking combination of outstanding engine performance, nimble handling, compact size and light weight. Motorcycles designed to handle city traffic while commuting to uni or work during the week. Also an exciting motorcycle ready for fun rides into the hills—or even a track day—on weekends.

Off Road Bikes

Motocross is a relentless game, and the technology and training needed for bike and rider to excel are too. Suzuki poured more than 40 years of open-class racebike engineering into the latest generation to make it the hardest-hitting, sharpest-handling, best-balanced and most rider-friendly production in company history.