Kawasaki Products

We understand what it means to be customer friendly. Kawasaki has been supplying innovative and exciting products for many years. Whitehouse Motorcycles want to ensure that you get to enjoy our lifestyle products even sooner.

Road Bikes

We stock a wide variety of road bikes from Kawasaki for all your motorcycle needs. Various colours and specifications for your smooth ride.

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Off Road Bikes

From your uncle’s farm to the vast outback, from your favourite trail to the wide-open highway, for an afternoon blast or a 6-month voyage, there’s a Kawasaki to deliver the dream.

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Side By Side

Tough and compact, Kawasaki Mules are agile, capable, go-anywhere utility vehicles designed to deliver a hard day’s work while making minimum impact on their surroundings.

Kawasaki MULE side by sides are famous for their durability. Built to last, the newest additions to Kawasaki’s MULE PRO Series line-up also look tough thanks to their rugged, no-nonsense styling.

ROPS approved cab frame and inertia reel seat belts are standard for added peace of mind. Always wear an approved helmet and read the owners manuals.

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